Suspected shooter Utrecht no later than Friday brought


Vermoedelijke schutter Utrecht uiterlijk vrijdag voorgeleid

People lay flowers down at the place of the attack.

Gökmen Tanis, the prime suspect of the shooting in Utrecht, appears no later than Friday morning for the examining magistrate. The exact time is not known yet.

It reports the Dutch Public prosecution service (OM) Tuesday. The investigating judge will be the prosecutor for a maximum of two weeks detention claim, which in the Netherlands ‘custody’ is called.

The magistrate decides whether the arrest according to the rules of conditionality, or the suspicion hard enough to the suspect in ‘custody’ t keep. Also watching this right to the so-called grounds for the arrest. That may, for example, vluchtgevaar and risk for recurrence.

After that period of up to two weeks is Tanis for the first time to the so-called chambers are brought up. It brings together three judges. This session is not open to the public. The TO will chambers for an extension of the remand questions, in the case of Gökmen Tanis, the maximum ninety days.

After the expiry of that period, the first public session took place. In big business is the research at that time usually still in full swing. Therefore, on such a seat, yet no substantive proceedings take place. It gives a remarks on the state of the research. In case of sufficient suspicion and the presence of land, the court will request the pre-trial detention extended by a maximum of three months.