Strike explains air traffic-night lamb


Staking legt luchtverkeer vannacht lam

By actions with the air traffic controllers, there is by the end of Tuesday, no traffic possible between 1.30 pm and 3.45 pm. Also before and afterwards, there are ‘restrictions’ apply.

The action will mainly be felt in the traffic, but perhaps also some passenger aircraft is delayed.

There are already tensions between the management and the trade unions of the air traffic controller Skeyes. The conflict revolves around schemes relating to career breaks, appointments and premiums.

Monday there was a consultation scheduled. According to Skeyes-spokesman Dominique Dehaene, there are the final proposals of the board of management discussed. It came to proposals on wage increases, improve schedules and recording of leave.

Intention was that the trade unions proposals this week to their constituencies would present, to the outcome on Friday to discuss. “But we can say that the Gild of the air traffic controllers, which are not officially recognised as a trade union, however, decided tonight to take action,” says Dehaene.

Force majeure

Beginning this month, the air traffic controllers once the work is deposited at a less busy time. It then went formal not to strike but to ‘force majeure’. There were too many luchtverkeeersleiders ill which the nachtshift could not be assured. The board of directors of Skeyes then tried for the ill-reported of workers are to be replaced, but that was according to the trade unions not in a timely fashion.