PS exchange community for cannabis


PS ruilt communautaire voor cannabis

The difference between a climate without PS (left) and with PS, according to PS.

With an extreme simplification of its programme, the PS to young people. Community discussions, as they didn’t get caught. All the direct duels with N-VA are, therefore, cancelled.

The most notable absentee on the PS-congress of last Sunday? N-VA-president Bart De Wever. And, by extension, his entire party. The PS makes five years a sport of it, every time that …

The most notable absentee on the PS-congress of last Sunday? N-VA-president Bart De Wever. And, by extension, his entire party. The PS makes five years a sport of it, every time that they inhakt on the federal government to speak of ‘le government MR/N-VA’. But Sunday, the used PS-president Elio Di Rupo and European party leader Paul Magnette (PS) the ‘n-word’ not a single time. At a conference last month, that was still the case. Also the community was not this time gekikt. And that in a congress in which the troops are encouraged to be in the last two campaign months everything out of the closet.

Community shadow

It turns out not to be oblivion. Today got through The Time and L’echo known that the PS has all the direct duels with the N-VA cancels. The remake of the debate, The Weaver – Magnette, 2014, which had already been planned, so do not. A televised debate between Di Rupo and De Wever, and another between Theo Francken (N-VA) and Magnette to be abandoned. ‘In those debates would the N-VA in full on the community play. That we do not see sit. The people have other problems now, no one is with the institutional progress’, says PS-spokesman Maxime Hardy. ‘It’s bad with the country. The people see by the index jump and the disastrous pension reform. In comparison with the rest of Europe is also the job creation is insufficient. The community would be all that obscure.’

The socialists try so two birds in one stone. First, prevent the N-VA, the community engine really gets, but also Charles Michel and MR a weapon out of hands store. Michel is right on the chest that the community’s thanks to him five years into the fridge it went, the PS tries to simply not pay any attention more to the subject. A gamble.

Flurry of CD&V

The difference with the attitude a few months ago is large. When longed the PS to polarization by duels with the N-VA. Magnette was when the requesting party for a new debate with The Weaver, but when they kept at N-VA, the boat. The gloomy analysis in the G9, the absolute party leadership of the PS, was that ” the N-VA, us as a gift unfortunately will not give’. But look, through their respective new year receptions, stepped Di Rupo and De Wever yet again together in the ring. The socialist announced a ‘reconquista’, the nationalist answered by the confederalisme a priority to elevate.

But after CD&V last week, The Standard announced that it is only in 2024, a reform of the state wants, they decided at the PS the rifle from shoulder to change. Purchasing power, Social Security, climate change, that are the priorities for the themes where the party goes. Because others also do that, there was no time to lose with community discussions where there is no two-thirds majority.

Four days of work, and smoking cannabis

The party therefore also hard on the voice of the young people. From the assumption that young people are not waiting for detailed proposals from eight A4 pages has the party’s highlights in his own words ‘simplifié au maximum’ and on the website, gathered together. Movies and stories on Instagram need an extra boost.

For nuance you’ve come to the wrong address. The solution for the climate challenges? All greenhouse gases. So there literally. Work for everyone? Also simple. The working hours can reduce that. ‘If everyone four days instead of five, we create work’. Economists have that claim has been repeatedly refuted, but that should be the campagnepret not print.

The images that the campaign guide jump the most in the eye. Without the PS? Then you need to make cannabis illegal go buy it in seedy alleys. With the PS? Relaxed young people who are walking on the street with a cannabis-shopping bag. Di Rupo calls already for ‘Cannabis Social Clubs’, which can legally be smoked. Or that simple messages will catch on is the question.