President of Kazakhstan will resign after thirty years in power


President van Kazachstan treedt af na dertig jaar aan de macht

Nursultan Nazarbayev resign after thirty years in power to have been

The president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abisjevitsj Nazarbayev has Tuesday his resignation announced, after thirty years, was head of the Central Asian republic. Wednesday, immediately became interim-president Kasym-Zjomart Tokajev ingezworen. The country is rich in oil fields, but the political and social discontent is growing day by day.

“I have taken the decision to end my term to end,” said Nazarbayev (78) during a speech to the national tv broadcasts. Still, the man is a lot of power reserve, thanks to a new, last year approved the law, which him the status of ‘Father of our country’ grants. He will also of legal immunity will continue to enjoy after his resignation.

Nursultan Nazarbayev took the leadership of his country in the hands while the country was a soviet republic was in 1989. He was the first secretary of the Communist party, he retained the power after the independence of Russia in 1991.

Nazarbayev was several times with an overwhelming majority of votes was re-elected. He has never had a successor identified. The announcement of his abdication follows a month after the Kazakh government is the avenue had triggered. This he did because of the poor economic results. Then had the president social measures amounting to many billions of euros announced to the growing discontent of the population to counter. Normally, there are new presidential elections on the program for next year.

President van Kazachstan treedt af na dertig jaar aan de macht

Kasym-Zjomart Tokajev


Barely a day after the surprising announcement of Nazarbayev on Tuesday, Wednesday, all his interim successor ingezworen. Interim-president Kasym-Zjomart Tokajev, a 65-year-old carrièrediplomaat who is fluent in Russian, English and speaks Chinese, the remainder of the term of Nazarbayev to sit out, that is until april 2020. Or the former prime minister and then candidate will have to be the president of the country, it is still unclear. He enjoy the support of Nazarbayev, who him on Tuesday praised as ” the man who can be trusted to Kazakhstan to lead’.