Pope refuses to resign in discredited French cardinal


Paus weigert ontslag in opspraak geraakte Franse kardinaal

Cardinal Barbarin (right) with pope Francis.

Philippe Barbarin, archbishop of Lyon, who was condemned for failure to report child abuse, says the pope, his resignation is not accepted.

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, one of the highest clergy in the French catholic church, offered his resignation to pope Francis after he beginning of this month was condemned because he child abuse by a priest in his diocese has not been reported.

Dozens of scouts had the priest in question was accused of sexual abuse in the eighties and nineties. Barbarin was as yet no archbishop, it was only in 2014 he was one of the victims informed about the case, but after being informed it was, waited Barbarin still a year before it the complaints made public. He said that he was convinced the priest to repent had come.

That got him a sentence of six months on probation. Barbarin did not him to blame, hit and already made known that he will appeal the ruling, but he offered his resignation. That is now, however, – ‘from the principle of the presumption of innocence – denied by the pope, says Barbarin. The cardinal added, that he was a time in retreat is in the diocese of Lyon. He let the current business to vicar-general Yves Baumgarten.