King baudouin stadium is ‘Golden Generation Arena’


Koning Boudewijnstadion wordt ‘Golden Generation Arena’

For a realistic budget – 150 to 200 million euros – like the football association and Golazo the King baudouin stadium together thoroughly renovate it. “All political parties are behind it, and also the N-VA.’

A modern, multifunctional stadium in Brussels, where both the Red Devils as the Red Flames their soccer games play as the Memorial Van Damme is organized. As the of the Belgian football association (belgian football association) and atletiekorganisator Golazo on it, then that would just by 2022, all reality can be. They even have a new name in mind: the ‘Golden Generation ‘ Arena’.

Consultations at the highest political level

During a well-attended press conference at the training centre of Tubize, the two ceo’s, Peter Bossaert (belgian football association) and Bob Verbeeck (Golazo), today together an ambitious project for the King baudouin stadium to renovate. And that to a ‘realistic’ cost of 150 to 200 million euros. Money full public funding should come from the government. Under more of the federal government and concluded (Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia).

That money is not there yet, but Golazo and the belgian football association are confident that they budget in the coming months, will be able to mobilizing.’ We have at the highest level, consulted all political parties. And no one fell of his chair when he paid for the renovation of the King baudouin stadium heard. Everyone’s project is inclined. Also the NVA, yes,’ said Bossaert.

40.000 seats

Because after 50 years the King baudouin stadium in urgent need of replacement. “If you our infrastructure: the wc’s, changing rooms, seating areas … the state of the stadium is – I should say – ugly child’, Bossaert. ‘For the match on Thursday asked the Russian football union, our VIP tickets for the lodges, but there are not. Just embarrassing’, the ceo of the football association by a painful example.

To convince them, the capacity of the new national stadium will reduce from 47,000 to 40,000 seats, so that the impact on the environment – just think of the traffic in races – will reduce. “It is only a small capacity reduction. Due to the high fences is the view of the field on the lowest seats are now limited so that in practice for the matches of the Red Devils often only 42.000 tickets have been sold’, perspective Bossaert the impact of that decision.

National design competition

How the new ‘Golden Generation ‘ Arena’ will look exactly will look like is not yet clear. In doing so, Golazo and the belgian football association will appeal to the creative ideas of academics, engineers and students of architecture, through a national design competition for their renovation of the stadium can submit. As soon as the projects are submitted, a jury composed of the Red Devils, athletes, representatives of the belgian football association and the Memorial, members of the disabled supporters group to 1895, the city of Brussels and the government focus on the various renovation projects.

Sure is only that the athletics track must remain, the original entrance of the King baudouin stadium in the new project should be integrated and that there are new changing rooms, seating areas and Vipruimtes and lodges. Also hope the belgian football association and Golazo also that after the supporters after the renovation a better view of the field will have. “One of the options to achieve a steeper slope of the tribunes’, suggests Bossaert. “That slope is now much too flat, allowing the supporters too far from the players come from.”

New elan

So get the file of the national stadium, so another new impetus, after the jump off of the Eurostadion project. That stadium had to be on Car park C rise to a few matches of the european CHAMPIONSHIP 2020. But client Ghelamco succeeded by long-standing procedures are not in order in a timely manner the necessary permits to get a hold of, so the deadline of the European Football association (UEFA) has passed. It was decided to have the project blow up.

“Or Ghelamco is still a spanner in the works can throw because of their legal claim on the Eurostadion and car park C? This project is completely independent of’, see Bossaert there are no problems. Because this time there is no scrapping is required – such as in the case of the fallen Eurostadion – eight, the ceo of the royal belgian football association the chance to succeed is much greater than in the past. Even though there will be, perhaps, a new public tender is required, because the renovation is fully financed with public funds. Possible, also Ghelamco need to re-candidate.

For NEO light?

Finally, it is still unclear whether the new stadium a place in the Brussels NEO-shoppingproject at the Heysel from the group Unibail-Besix, CFE. In the past it was a renovation of the King baudouin stadium by the NEO-builders have dismissed as too difficult to in the shoppingproject to fit. But after the elections, the French-speaking liberals of the MR in the Brussels coalition is gone, so now the new majority, a broad political support for a NEO-light, with preservation of the national stadium. Already have the first concrete conversations about still take place.