‘If you happy’


'Draag waar je blij van wordt'

Lauren Versnick in the vtm-series “Studio Tarara’.

Lauren Versnick was already known to the public as a model and daughter of VTM-icon Lynn Wesenbeek. Recently she made her acting debut in the dramareeks Studio Tarara. Her style secrets.

What has recently been your best purchase?

‘A camel blazer from & Other Stories. He fits really with everything: with jeans, t-shirt or a fun dress.’

What item will you never throw away?

My 501 Levi’s jeans. That is for years in my closet. A timeless piece.’

What was your first designerstuk?

‘My black Antigona handbag from Givenchy. I took a long time to save, but it was love at first sight.’

Which colour comes most often in your wardrobe?

“I mix and match a lot of colors through each other. The brighter, the better. If the sun is not shining, you need to take care of. ‘

The most valuable stijltip that you’ve ever received?

‘Wear what you would wear and where you feel. If you feel comfortable in what you have, you shine anyway. Wear it, own it. It is a tip that I, as a teenager, my mother gave. At that age happens so much with your body, making you sometimes insecure. It has no usefulness to each trend to follow. Stick to the basics. You should wear, where you yourself are happy.’

Who is your biggest style icon?

“My sister Morgane and best friend, Sofie Van Den Nieuwenhuysen. My sister has the gift to be the funniest and most unexpected combinations. Sofie is always a kleurbom. She works for Essentiel so bright colors and mix and match his hair at an early age. I am happy if I to their outfits look. I also like the style of the actress Alicia Vikander. She goes often for serene, powerful outfits. I myself am a mix of the three. One day, the brighter, the better, but I can also days have that I for black go.’

What is your biggest modeblunder?

“For the press conference of Studio Tarara, I had a black dress borrowed from Essentiel. They were unfortunately the underskirt forget to give. The dress was very transparent, but we have to be creative to solve, without blunders.’

Who is your favorite designer?

‘Isabel Marant, Susana Clayton of Joseph and Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio of The Attico. Powervrouwen who strives for their dreams. So Isabel Marant own strength a fashion empire built. But I admire Tom Ford. In addition to fashion designer, he is also a fantastic director. Nocturnal Animalsis one of my favorite movies.’

What is your favorite clothing store or fashion place?

‘essentiel. I love their use of colour. I have two seasons ago, a red coat with bought them and I get every day lots of compliments about it.”

In what garment will we never see?

‘A jeansshort. As a model you know very well what works for your body and what is not. A jeansshort does not work.’

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