If Boeing veiligheidcontroles of 737 MAX to run?


Mocht Boeing veiligheidcontroles van 737 MAX zelf uitvoeren?

The U.s. government conducts a research into the development and production of the Boeing 737 Max, the type of aircraft which the past weeks, two aircraft crashed. According to some sources, would be Boeing’s safety checks on the basis of which the aircraft airworthy explained were performed, without a thorough monitoring by an independent authority.


The U.s. department of Justice investigates or in the production of the Boeing 737 Max everything according to the book expired. There will be, according to the anonymous source of AP, also look at whether the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the body that supervises the compliance with the rules in the aerospace industry, are tasks properly performed.

According to some, the FAA, as it were, a part of his job is outsourced to Boeing itself. The AAF could, according to the Seattle Times , namely the evaluation of the 737 Max to a large extent on Boeing itself is left to later on the basis of the documents that Boeing aanleverde, the aircraft is safe to declare, without further independent investigation.

The report from Boeing, which is in tough competition with Airbus is involved, it would however have serious shortcomings. In particular, the defects in the so-called Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) – the system that has a balanced flight must ensure, might be significantly underestimated, and some key defects exhibit.

Boeing responded with a notice that the FAA is the MAX-devices the necessary certificates executed and that all the requirements are met.