Getaway Utrecht not gecarjackt, but left by bystander


Vluchtauto Utrecht niet gecarjackt, maar achtergelaten door omstaander

A red Renault Clio was a long time the only guidance that the police of Utrecht had in the search for prime suspect Gökmen Tanis. The owner tells his story to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

The gunman who Monday morning opened fire on a tram in Utrecht knew afterwards to escape with a red Renault Clio. That he had not previously captured as was previously written, but was just ready for him because the owner after hearing the shots had fled.

Frans Hoogendijk was for a red light to wait at the height of the 24 Oktobersplein, when he opened the doors of a tram, saw open, and people in panic saw run away. One of them advised him to do the same.

“I thought I had a bomb and jumped out of my car. That I left the engine running and open the door behind. Together with the man who warned me, I ran as hard as I could away. Behind me I heard a close shot, ” says the man in the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad about what happened that day.

When he later returns to his car, which is no longer there. Some of the witnesses tell the police that they Tanis have seen driving off in the car. That is a few hours later, found on the Tichelaarslaan, with the motor running, and a mysterious note on the windshield, which we still do not know what text was on it.

At a press conference Monday night declared the police that the traces in the car them to Tanis. “It is bizarre that my car is such a big role in this whole story’, says Hoogendijk, who use their car, however, still not back.