Geens associates the second term with strong injection in Justice


Geens koppelt tweede termijn aan forse injectie in Justitie

Minister Koen Geens (CD&V)

Minister Koen Geens (CD&V) intervenes in the action of the court in the new legislature of 750 million euros extra to demands for Justice. “You do not realize how difficult it is this department to be running with a limited budget.”

Done with maintenance and nathouden, the structural ondergefinancierde legal device into a professional and modern organisation which is a solid investment. That says attorney general john Koen Geens (CD&V) on the day that the judges, her dismay about the savings on the Justice system. Notable: he understands fully behind their requirements. “I understand the action,” says the minister. “I’m five years loyal and have fought for every inch. But despite the catching-up process remain the challenges of life-size.’

There is a step-by-step begrotingsinjectie needs to be about 750 million euro per year, Geens. Not only to the workforce level, but also to a number of obsolete, inadequate court buildings, and prisons under our hands. ‘Seven out of ten buildings are in urgent need of renovation.’

Of which 750 million euros about 300 million euro for the court, inter alia, for a strengthening of the establishment plan (130 million), further computerisation (35 million) and the increase of the income limits for pro Bono (120 million). ‘In addition, we have 200 million is needed for the prisons – health care, psychological frames, and staff – and the Security of the state. Apart from that, there is a significant increases its budget need of 250 million euro for the buildings, which were under the régie des bâtiments, barrel Man together.

Court of the Future

Is that a sine qua non for his party (CD&V) to be in a next government? Already he is bidding high. “For me, in any case, a prerequisite to attorney general john to be”, replies Man. ‘Without a significant injection in the judicial system, it is impossible to put this another five years to do it.”

With that statement put to the minister himself with two feet in the election campaign. CD&V promises to the voters to make the ‘Court of the Future’: a modern and timely dish in which the emphasis is placed on training, new technologies, knowledge management, and artificial intelligence. A dish for everyone financially, digitally, and physically accessible, and that is housed in high quality buildings that ‘respond to the dignity of their job, ” says Geens.

“There were a lot of efforts, but one does not realize how difficult it is to get this department to run with a budget of 1.8 to 2 billion euros. The Riziv (national Institute for Sickness and Invalidity insurance) has 26.5 billion, well-being in Flanders 12 billion, Education 13 billion. In comparison with the Netherlands or Germany, we are investing per capita is about 40 euro less in Justice. For example, the no longer.’