For a great job in tourism you need not go to a country far far away


Voor toffe job in toerisme moet je niet naar Verweggistan

Karin De Mulder, tourism coordinator for the Rupelstreek and for Klein-Brabant-Scheldeland

A job in the tourism industry speaks to the imagination and makes many dreams of mediterranean, exotic destinations. But you do certainly not to a country far far away to challenges in the sector. By the growing attention for regional tourism there are also opportunities close to home, what about ‘the most entertaining family park sector of all.

Karin De Mulder (42) since almost ten years started working as tourism coordinator at Tourism Rupelstreek. Since 2015, she combines this job, also with the function of coordinator at the neighbors of Klein-Brabant-Scheldeland. “You make people happy, and you work every day in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and environment. I don’t think I would miss it”, she shares.

Every day is different

As a coordinator it is her job to work with policy partners and a team of volunteers projects and activities to the region to promote. “In addition to the high amusementsgehalte is the great variety within the job, that me very much of challenge. On the one hand you have the contact with the tourists, on the other hand, you’re sitting around the table with the policy makers and partners such as museums, Regional Landscapes, guides, associations, hotel and catering together something to develop, and finally to a product to which a support is. There you can get very creative with our use. With both tasks as reception, administrative and logistical level, the drafting of projects and the organisation of events, every day is different,” she says.

“The tourism in their region is also increasingly important. Within the municipalities there is more time, energy and budget for cleared. You can feel the pride and ambition from policy-makers and officials. It provides dynamics and that makes it fine to work. What’s also nice is that in policy terms there is no political colours to play with. The representatives can be of a different color, but if we are seated around the table, it falls that way. Everyone is going for the same goal,” notes the coordinator.

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