Elon Musk continues to tweet, to the great anger of American beurswaakhond


Elon Musk blijft tweeten, tot grote woede van Amerikaanse beurswaakhond

Elon Musk tweette among others, about the number of cars that Tesla would produce

The American beursregulator SEC is baffled that Elon Musk uncontrolled tweets about his company Tesla continues to send, despite a settlement that prohibits.

All Tweets with important information about Tesla first have it checked. That appointment made Tesla ceo Elon Musk with the Security and Exchange Commission, the American beurswaakhond, after he tweeted about a possible acquisition of his company, a message that is not turned out to be correct. The SEC had him indicted, with $ 40 million in fines as a result. In a settlement approved by the court was also the Twitterbegrenzing recorded.

Yet there were even tweets, among other things, in February of this year about the number of cars that Tesla would build. That number was later corrected. The lawyers of Musk had to admit that the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, none of his tweets since the settlement in advance had submitted to a lawyer, as agreed. However, there is someone appointed that his statements on social media in real-time follow. Musk believes that the curtailment of his Twittergedrag his right to free speech, it violates, and that the settlement will allow him to determine which tweets he would need to submit and what not.

“It is difficult the tortured analysis of mr. Musk to follow. His arguments border on the ridiculous’, according to the SEC, who ask Musk to be sentenced for contempt of court. “This makes it clear that he never really was planning to the settlement.’

If the court follows that line of reasoning, there is the risk Musk new penalties, a stricter limit of his use of social media, and even a ban on the running of his company.