The Weaver: “Who uses drugs, is certainly morally responsible for violence’


De Wever: 'Wie drugs gebruikt is wel degelijk moreel verantwoordelijk voor geweld'

As a result of yet another explosion in the North of Antwerp, the police, the public prosecutor’s office and the city of Antwerp, and additional measures to the violence. There are systematic identity checks and additional patrols by police and the cctv surveillance is extensive. Mayor Weaver also warns young people.

Investigation of the incidents of the past few weeks in the Biekorfstraat and environment – buurtonderzoek, crime scene, telefonieonderzoek … – delivered not much. There were links with the drug world to the top, but because the victims are not inclined to participate in the research (out of fear for retaliation, but also out of fear for themselves if suspect is known) were the officers not the desired results, it sounds in a communication by the Antwerp public prosecutor.

After consultation between the attorney-general, the public prosecutor, the Antwerp police and mayor Bart De Wever has decided to take additional measures: systematic identity checks, extra patrols by police, and an extensive video-surveillance. The temporary measures, which remain in force ‘so long as it is necessary to the security of the inhabitants of antwerp near to strengthen and to criminals to ways to geweldsdaden to commit’.


According to Mayor Bart De Wever are the events in the North of Antwerp, a warning for young people: “the way of The crime ends in the best case in the prison. In the other case, ends in violence. Those who choose the crime, ensures that the lives of all who love him, crushed. Those who choose the crime, decides that his family must go into hiding out of fear for rival gangs.’ It is also a wake-up call’ for drug users, says Weaver: “Who uses drugs, is the fact that with it is morally responsible for crime and violence.’

The Weaver fears that the phenomenon will not soon disappear. “Therefore, it is important that directors and politicians listening to the advice of the judicial and security services. Who’s to say that there is a simple solution to this problem is, apart from the wide array of resources that are deployed to the drug-related crime in its entirety to address, makes the people something to point to. I will not participate. I have confidence in the public prosecutor’s office and the police.’

On Radio 1 be The Weaver that over the past years a lot of efforts and that, despite the events of the past few weeks – even though a lot of results. ‘The Stroomplan is rolled out and work,” said Weaver, who assured that the fight against drug-related crime increased. Here he repeated his reminder to drug users, who, by their conduct a criminal system in place.