The police chief of Paris replaced after the violence of Saturday


Politiechef van Parijs vervangen na geweld van zaterdag

The famous restaurant suffered heavy damage.

Michel Delpuech, the police chief of Paris, will be replaced. That the French premier Edouard Philippe said Monday, after the very violent protests of the yellow shirts Saturday in the French capital. The protesters could no longer argue if “extremist elements” are present.

‘Wednesday, will the president of the republic during the council of ministers Didier Lallement, the former secretary-general of the ministry of Domestic Affairs and current prefect of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, appointed prefect of the police, ” says the premier.

He will be the 66-year-old Delpuech replaced. Philippe denounced the police action of last Saturday, and said that the handhavingsplan not been properly issued.

The prime minister also announced that the yellow shirts-demonstrations no longer will be permitted will be. ‘Starting next Saturday we will have every time the needed demonstrations in the name of the yellow vests ban in the areas worst affected are, when we learn that extremists are present who intend to use violence, ” he said.

He said also to the minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, asked to have the penalties for participation in prohibited event ‘clearly’ increase’, from 38 to 135 euros.

The violence of last Saturday were, according to Philippe 27 shops looted and 124 are damaged. The damage that the protests of the yellow shirts since their start in mid-november have caused Monday by the dachverein of French insurers estimated at 170 million euros. The damage from last Saturday on the Champs-Elysées was not yet added.

Also the famous restaurant Fouquet’s was destroyed. ‘That is unseen, ” says Olivia Polski, a member of the Paris city council.


The seven Belgians who Saturday in Paris, are arrested, receive consular assistance. The suspects come from the region of Liege.

The seven exactly in their might, is not yet clear. On images is to see how a troublemaker adorned with Belgian flag throws stones at a police vehicle. The services of Foreign Affairs names already in contact with several families of suspects.

The action of the yellow bibs in Paris turned Saturday into heavy violence. Several shops were looted and, here and there was a fire. According to the French minister of Domestic Affairs Christophe Castaner had about 1,500 ‘ultragewelddadige’ protesters at the 10,000 ordinary demonstrators attached. In total, there are 250 people arrested, among them 21 minors, and so, also, seven Belgians.