Rutte: ‘Shooting had all the attributes of attack’


Rutte: ‘Schietpartij had alle kenmerken van aanslag’

Rutte and Grapperhaus

Although the motive of the shooter is unclear, had the shooting Monday morning in a tram in Utrecht the Dutch minister-president Mark Rutte is concerned, in all respects, the characteristics of an attack’.

Rutte inter alia pointed to the ‘enormous impact on the whole country’.

That people in a tram under fire were taken, has, according to the government’s ‘no precedent in the Netherlands’. Or the offender now acted out of a terrorist or personal motives, then according to Rutte. “This was very serious, let’s not make smaller than it is.”

At the same time, calls on the minister of Justice and Security Ferd Grapperhaus calm. Many questions are still unanswered and there are many rumors around about what the suspected shooter was moving. “We have the facts,” he said.

The minister confirmed that the suspect was known to the ministry of justice. Why would he in the interest of the investigation’ not to concede.

Flags at half mast

The elections for the Provincial States and the district water boards Wednesday can simply continue, confirmed Rutte yet. Several parties have their campaign suspended as a result of the shooting. This wanted to Mean to say anything. “I’m not here as VVD, the campaign is the least of my worries.’

Rutte also had to know that the flags Tuesday at half mast to be hung on public buildings to show respect for the victims and their relatives.