Massive resistance by trade unions against loonakkoord


Massaal verzet bij ABVV tegen loonakkoord

Within the socialist union is growing day by day the opposition to the loonakkoord. Especially, but not only in Wallonia. Wednesday following the first test with the ACV.

There is very little chance that the national loonakkoord between employers and trade unions the green light will get the ABVV-militants. In the run-up to a national vote on that loonakkoord, next week Tuesday, almost all Walloon regions announced to vote.

But the no-camp lives not only within the Walloon FGTB. Today, Tuesday, a large majority of 78 percent within the General Central, which is the largest committee in the socialist trade union, decides to take the loonakkoord to reject it. That proportion means that in the General Central also a lot of Flemish militants are against.

Insufficient loonmarge

The criticism is everywhere parallel. The agreed loonmarge of 1.1 percent (above the index) is not sufficient if additional purchasing power. And raising the minimum wage by ten cents as alms’ category. Also the national spokesperson Miranda Ulens has already in that sentence pronounced.

To the employers and the government-Michel still lead to concessions to force, want the Walloon FGTB’ers in april with a new day of strikes to extract. Striking: that call was not supported in the General Central.

It is not yet clear whether the vote in the christian ACV, the largest union of the country, in the same way, it will be expired. Tomorrow, Wednesday, there was a first indication, with a vote at the metaalcentrale ACV Metea.

As with the trade unions, there is also the ACV and the liberal ACLVB a final national vote on march 26.