Ikea in the sea with food waste app ‘Too good to go’


Ikea in zee met voedselverspilling-app 'Too good to go'

Those who can’t wait on Swedish meatballs from Ikea to eat, don’t need to have an establishment to go. Now you can take the court through an app. That is because the Ghent-based company ‘To good To go Ikea to her new partner can count. And that’s all food waste.

The ‘Too good to go’app since a year in our country and fight against the food waste. Among others, Carrefour, Quality and other major players jumped on the cart. After a trial period in Ikea Hasselt and Liege, will now also the other branches to participate. “We have a good testing period is behind us and there is, therefore, jointly decided to use all Ikea locations to connect to the app,” says Jonas Mallisse, the initiator of ‘Too good to go’.

Attention: a portion of kötbullar reservation is not possible). “If you are near Ikea you can use the app to look whether there are food surpluses. It is Ikea that actually own estimation, and forecasting. What they just will spoil is not clear. You draw so in a surprise package. That can Swedish meatballs, but that can also be the dish of the day.” The price for a surprise package is also 66 percent less than the meal in the restaurant.

At Ikea, they want to against August 2020 the food surpluses halved. In addition to ninety percent of all food waste recycling, composting or converting to biogas. By, among other things, to join the app, they want that achieve objectives.