Herman Van Rompuy: “In any normal country, that was Theresa May has long resigned’


Herman Van Rompuy: ‘In elk normaal land was Theresa May al lang afgetreden’

Herman Van Rompuy gave a presentation for CD&V Genk.

According to Herman Van Rompuy are all the Brexit scenario is still possible. The former Eu president criticises especially the divisions in the United Kingdom. “In any normal country, that was Theresa May have long resigned,” said Van Rompuy during a presentation for CD&V Genk.

According to Van Rompuy is the UK is currently very divided, both in parliament and in the society. ‘The referendum has much harm done, because it is a yes or no. A referendum brings people never together, but divides the people only. It creates a climate in which nothing more is possible, while you are just a compromise need, ” said Van Rompuy.

“It was also a choice of England. The Brexit is mainly inspired by English nationalism. And most of all, they are still divided into the Conservative party. Theresa May is fighting for two years against splitting the party, ” he said.

The former European Council president stressed that the British in the negotiations over less levers. ‘They went to the negotiations as if they have a lot of weight in the scale cast, but they are much more dependent on us than we of them. They have, according to them, have a special relationship with the US, but with Trump, there is no question of a strong relationship. They are about nothing once, but that is with the EU.’

‘The UK has the EU never understood’

According to Van Rompuy, the United Kingdom is not a member as the others, since they later joined the EU. In addition, the UK is only a member of one of the pillars of the EU. So are the British to the common market but not the eurozone or the schengen area. ‘The UK has the EU never understood. It is the least integrated country of the European Union, and even that is too much. But the unity of the EU is a top priority for the member states. The European caravan pulls in the meantime will continue with a number of countries that want to join. We are much more united than many think.”

The next period is, according to Van Rompuy, everything is still possible. “No one knows what the following weeks or months to wait. There may be a soft Brexit without serious consequences, with a transitional period, where really nothing changes. Or there may be another attempt to follow, or is the Brexit one or two months delayed. But at the end of may there are European elections. In the best case, it will be a new referendum with a good ending, in the worst a Brexit no deal.’

“I am personally convinced that if the UK out of the EU will occur, that they will ever come back. The sense of history is going in the opposite direction, and ever will recover, ” said Van Rompuy.