Free buses for visitors hyacintenzee in Hallerbos


Gratis bussen voor bezoekers hyacintenzee in Hallerbos

Also this year is expected to tienduizende visitors to the mass of hyacinths in the Hallerbos. To them as quickly as possible to their destination, attracts the Flemish government 25,000 euros to free shuttle buses to drive.

The extra buses run three weekends from 13-14 april. The bus between the station of Halle, and the forest runs, also runs on easter Monday 22 april and 1 may.

“For those who are not on foot or by bike, the bus is the best way to get as close as possible to the forest. For car traffic will make this much more difficult, since the Vlasmarktdreef shutdown again, ” said Filip Hubin, spokesman of the Agency Nature and Forest.

To the influx of people in the right direction, but it wants to this year, 40 volunteers bets. ‘In addition to informing visitors they must also raise awareness in order to stay on the path. It happens occasionally that people think to be in the middle of the flowers, a picnic, or take pictures while the flowers vertrappelen, ” says Hubin. There have, however, only 12 volunteers reported, it sounds.

The flowering period of hyacinths start in line in mid-april and lasts for three weeks. “These periods are, however, highly dependent on weather conditions. As from now the sun will shine, the start may be earlier, and when it is during the flowering period, the weather is bad, such as last year, take this also much shorter, ” says Hubin.