Dutch choose for a symbolic strike against increase retirement age


Nederlanders kiezen voor symbolische staking tegen verhoging pensioenleeftijd

The staff of the Dutch railways put 66-minute-long work down.

66 minutes. As long as the duration of the actions of the Dutch activists against the increase of the retirement age to 67 years.

So decided, the staff of the Dutch Railways (NS), the timetable from Monday until after 07.06 hours on to start in place of to 6 hours. For the time reason, no trains, and night except. Also trams, buses and metro’s reason for the time being.

Also in other sectors, there are actions. As an example, the staff at check-in counters of Schiphol the work down between 12.30 and 13.36 hours.

The emergency services put the morning rush hour on the way to their hand. A group of ambulances and police officers drove deliberately at 66 miles per hour to The Hague, where they are going to argue.

The unions action against the increase of the retirement age. Already in 2012, the government decided that to draw up to 67 years, whereas the figure is now 66 years old. The negotiations on the implementation of the decision, last year, stranded, on which the government of the liberal prime minister Mark Rutte decided to do without the cooperation of the trade unions its own scheme to work out. It is against that which is today in revolt.