Dry Tuesday, but more clouds in the afternoon


Droge dinsdag, maar meer wolkenvelden na de middag

It is Tuesday dry, in the morning, wide opklaringen and after the afternoon more clouds.

in the Morning, here and there, chance of some mist or low clouds, especially in the valleys of the Ardennes and in the far west. After a cold morning with many places, light frost, and when the temperatures rise during the day to 5 or 6 degrees on the Ardennes heights to 11 or 12 degrees in Flanders, as expected, the RMI.

Tuesday evening and night will remain dry, but there come from the west, clouds binnendrijven. The minima lie between -2 degrees in the High Fens and +6 degrees by the sea.

Wednesday , there are first local opklaringen, especially in High-Belgium. In the course of the day, in most areas cloudy, but it remains almost everywhere dry. The ceilings are between 9 and 14 degrees.

Thursday there is dry weather with clouds and opklaringen. In several regions, and especially in the north-western half of Belgium, the low clouds are a large part of the day linger. The maxima fluctuate between 10 and 15 degrees, depending on the opklaringen.

Also Friday is a dry day. After the acceleration of any ochtendgrijs be the opklaringen wider in the whole country. With maxima of 13 to 17 degrees, it is soft for the time of year.