Car burnt out by new blasts in Antwerp


Auto uitgebrand door nieuwe ontploffing in Antwerpen

An explosive night explodes in the Biekorfstraat to Park Spoor Noord in Antwerp. That happened just like last night under a parked car, that fire took hold and major damage suffered. The street was closed by the police until the vehicle hoisted.

The explosion occurred around 3.20 pm. A springtuig exploded under a parked car in the Biekorfstraat. ‘The vehicle has caught fire and has substantial damage, ” says William Migom of the Antwerp police. ‘Also four other cars got damaged and the facade of one house touched lichtbeschadigd.’

The fire brigade came on the spot to put out the fire and, together with the police and ontmijningsdienst DOVO to determine whether there are still explosives in the vicinity were present. “That was not the case,” says Migom.

The police and the judicial laboratory, conduct a survey. As soon as the car is hoisted, it was the street again released.


Last night was also in Antwerp, in The Pretstraat, already an explosive to blast come. The damage was there relatively: five cars got damaged, but not too serious. In the weeks before, there had been a few cars burned out by exploded grenades. Also in the Biekorfstraat where the incident tonight happened.

The presumption is that these incidents are part of the drug world.