Captain Siebe Schrijvers looks relaxed ahead of european CHAMPIONSHIP U21: “this team is much as possible”


Kapitein Siebe Schrijvers blikt ontspannen vooruit op EK U21: “Met dit hecht team is veel mogelijk”

Siebe Schrijvers, captain of the Belgian promises, looked up Monday in the national training centre in Tubize for the first time, forward to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS for promises, from 16 to 30 June in Italy and San Marino. Writers showed themselves to be wary of the opponents in the group stage, but remained ambitious. “The goal is, of course, the group stage to survive. Afterwards, we want to be as far as possible, get”, ordered the 22-year-old Limburger Club Brugge again.

The young Devils take on the european CHAMPIONSHIP in group A, successively, Poland, Spain and host Italy. “A very beautiful draw”, started Writers. “Poland and Spain, we don’t know so well. In the coming days that will all change, because the preparation has really begun. Italy, we found mid-October, even in a practice duel. We won when with 0-1, but that knot I have no conclusions. It is on the EK anyway any other race. Italy and Spain as two of the biggest football countries – on paper – the favorites. It is in that respect also fun for the beginning of June to bear against France, also a top team. But we also wish that clash to survive. We want to last as long as possible.”

Coach Johan Walem has retained at its core the cast of actors that last year the qualification afdwong. A good thing, according to Writers. “All the towns, but very expensive,” the differentiated he immediately. “There is a lot of quality. You can see that in the story of Thibault Vlietinck. He plays with us more than Dion Cools, but is not here. Dion has this team already much taught. Nevertheless, I think that Thibault is still a chance of the CHAMPIONSHIP.”

Also Anderlecht-younster Yari Verschaeren consistent with his performance heavily on the door. “Of course someone like Yari Verschaeren me noticed,” said Writers. “I understand that the coach him as a potential EK-goer sees. He makes an impressive development and is playing as a seventeen-year-old strong in a team that it is sometimes difficult. I would be happy with him playing together. Good footballers are always welcome.”

Writers try as captain also always be informed of injuries within the group. “As I have almost weekly contact with an Landry Dimata and Obbi Oularé. With that the last few weeks the question was whether or not he had to be operated on the knee, I have him still sent a message. The atmosphere in this group is great. Everyone depends on each other, but we are also open to newcomers. Integrating new boys in this group is always easy.”

Writers came, finally, return to the 1-2 loss to Club Brugge, Sunday against Mouscron. “That defeat I have not yet digested. We played maybe our worst first half of the season. After peace was made the better, but the efficiency is too low. The field play of course also not in our favor. Very unfortunate. We miss a chance to get closer to Genk to sneak in.” (belga)