Artwork painted with human blood and zombiekwijl


Kunstwerk geschilderd met mensenbloed en zombiekwijl

‘28 days later… ” always be careful if you fire out of your slippers.

A portrait of the presidential candidates in the U.S. to cross-border behavior in the VTM studios or a zombie film, from the hand of the creator of Trainspotting: the tv-night stands in the sign of horror.

  • In respect of (Canvas, 20.00-20.30)
    What’s happening in Antwerp? A (recorded) conversation with mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA). Journalist Alain Gerlache analyzes the problems of the MR, Charles Michel. Finally, there is a report of Björn Soenens on the incineration of waste in the American Pennsylvania.
  • The appointment (Canvas, 20.30-21.00)
    Lawyer John Maes bends over the events in Antwerp. Lorin Parys (N-VA) and researcher Karen Celis in a debate over the question of whether the positions of the N-VA and Vlaams belang really so close to each other them. Finally, light Michiel Vos of the first batch of presidential candidates for the United States.
  • Studio Tarara (VTM 20.35-21.40 hrs)
    This series is more about challenging behaviour. A human would eventually hope that vetzak of a Jean Van Hoof is that of the VTM-roof is tumbled. (If that turns out to be, then this was no spoiler, but a correct guess.)
  • 28 Days later… (Q2 22.25-0.20 hours)
    If Danny Boyle (Trainspotting) is a horror film, then that’s a work of art, painted with human blood and zombiekwijl. Nice word, actually, ‘zombiekwijl’. You read it first as a composition of ‘zombiek’ and ‘while’?
  • Il Miracolo (Canvas 23.10-23: 55 hours)
    Celebrated and honoured, this Italian political thrillerserie, invented by the Italian succesauteur Niccolò Ammaniti, famous for his outrageous stories. This series is about a mary statue that is crying the tears of blood, against the background of an imminent Italexit.