Reynders concerned about U.s. sanctions against International criminal Court


Reynders bezorgd over Amerikaanse sancties tegen Internationaal Strafhof

The International criminal Court in The Hague

Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders is of ‘great concern’ about the announcement of the US to “unprecedented measures” to take against the International criminal Court.

Reynders reacts on Us plans for visa to refuse to accept employees of the Court that investigations open against Americans.

The United States do not provide visa and more to the employees of the International criminal Court (ICC) investigations against American citizens and their activities in Afghanistan. That was announced by the American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo on Friday. The first visas have already been denied, according to Pompeo.

In a response from Foreign Affairs reiterates our country’s ‘unwavering support’ to the Court as an independent and impartial judicial authority. The cabinet-Reynders also stresses that ‘there is not hit may be to the integrity and independence of the Court and its officials’.

Foreign Affairs also points to the responsibilities of the U.S. as a host country of the United Nations and wishes to remind that the visit of members of the Court to the United States mainly take place in the framework of tasks which the UN Security council explicitly, the Court has assigned.

“Belgium will as soon as possible contact with its partners, to the practical consequences of this announcement to discuss”, says the communication.