REACTIONS. Genk does not consider itself titelfavoriet, Antwerp has a fancy Gent wants cup win: “On paper the easiest”


REACTIES. Genk beschouwt zichzelf niet als titelfavoriet, Antwerp heeft er zin in, Gent wil beker winnen: “Op papier het gemakkelijkste”

Leader Racing Genk starts on 30 march with a home match against Anderlecht in Play-off I. “We know that we are a team with lots of qualities, but I call Genk not to titelfavoriet. All the dreams we do and we are ambitious,” said technical director Dimitri de Condé after the end of the kalendervoorstelling in the federal building in Brussels.

CALENDAR PLAY-OFF 1.Standard and Antwerp kicks on the 29th of march-play-off I started, the first clash between Genk and Club Brugge on day 4

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The first four game days play Racing Genk three times at home (30/03 against Anderlecht, 6/04 against Gent and 14/04 against Club Bruges), to the satisfaction of The Condé. “That we found really important, we must not faint. The supporters are again present in Genk, so they can already go a notch bijsteken. Further, you agree me satisfied that we are not only home start, but on the 19 may also for your own audience, end up against Standard.”

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“The goal that we have for the season vooropstelden – a European ticket is already reached”, continued The Winner. “We start therefore with a good sense of Play-off I, we can have a relaxed play.”

“Press in the us? So we feel that not to”

The Figures start with a lead of four points at Club Brugge. In six of the previous nine editions of the Play-off I was the winner of the regular season also won the national championship. “According to the statistics, is the pressure upon us, but we feel that is not so. We dream and desire, contest by contest. The teams are now once close to each other. Play-off I is emotions, and that we must control. But Play-off I is also happiness. We are going to make that we are ready from the first match. I find this not a unique opportunity. Why would that chance in the coming seasons, not come again? We are a challenger and we are going to continue to do so.”

Against Zulte Waregem (3-3) joined Genk on Sunday in another system, without the departed Alejandro Pozuelo. “There is definitely music in the new system, if you have the first two Genk goals scored viewing. You saw also a certain freshness back. Certain guys were on. So it came Ito very strong for the day and Piotrowski was dominant in the midfield. ‘The king is dead, long live the king, ” says one,” decided The Winner.

REACTIES. Genk beschouwt zichzelf niet als titelfavoriet, Antwerp heeft er zin in, Gent wil beker winnen: “Op papier het gemakkelijkste”

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AA Gent-manager Louwagie tempers expectations and aims for Cup

AA Gent will be picked up Sunday, the last ticket for Play-off I with a convincing 0-2 victory against STVV. “We are now more relaxed than four weeks ago,” said manager Michel Louwagie Monday at the kalendervoorstelling.

In Play-off I, the six teams on a handkerchief together by the halving of the points. Also AA Gent win the national championship, including Yaremchuk was lost.

“They were exciting months in a difficult season for AA Gent, that it was to his status, is required to Play-off I to play. Unfortunately, there is a trainerswissel would have been required. But that has ultimately worked out very well for the club”, responded Louwagie.

“Final qualify for Play-off I and we play the cup final,” said the manager of the Buffalo’s. “We may certainly dream of European football. Our players dream of more, but that is more often the case in the euphoria after a victory. It seems that the top two according to me too high for AA Gent. Give us the Cup of Belgium. That seems to be on paper the easiest, with all due respect to KV Mechelen.”

The cup final on 1 may in the King baudouin stadium.

REACTIES. Genk beschouwt zichzelf niet als titelfavoriet, Antwerp heeft er zin in, Gent wil beker winnen: “Op papier het gemakkelijkste”

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Anderlecht in Genk gap to three points to reduce

RSC Anderlecht start the play-offs on Saturday, march 30, on the move, with leader Racing Genk. “We can make the gap instantly to three points to reduce,” said team manager Gunter Van Handenhoven. “It can, of course, nine points are also…”

“Whether it is a good thing for the leader to start, we will only know after the event. It is difficult to get now something to say about it. In any case, we will be there immediately. Decisive, it will not be, but it is clear that you you with a disadvantage of six points is not a lot of missteps can afford.”

Anderlecht will experience a difficult season and closed the regular season only as the fourth. “The aim was for us to qualify for Play-off I. We’ve got some finals to play. From now on, every match is a final. We go every match in full. There is pressure from Anderlecht, but we are not about the title speak. We must be realistic, a European ticket is a pronounced purpose. Rarely wins a club with a large backlog still the championship, but we know we have succeeded, with Besnik Hasi in 2014. We should just try as much as possible, match to win.”

Performers Adrien Trebel and Landry Dimata are still outside of battle. “But they are both on the right path. I hope them in the play-offs still to see the work.”

REACTIES. Genk beschouwt zichzelf niet als titelfavoriet, Antwerp heeft er zin in, Gent wil beker winnen: “Op papier het gemakkelijkste”

Photo: BELGA

Antwerp plays for the eerts Play-off I: “Goes very fast”

In addition to the G5 also knew Antwerp to qualify for Play-off I, a first for the Great Old. “We have very much meaning. For our club is PO I-participation”, stated athletic advisor Sven Jaecques Monday at the kalendervoorstelling.

“We always have the ambition to make it as good as possible, to do,” says Jaecques. “We have four clubs in less than three points of each other. Antwerp tries to play for a European ticket. But we must also be realistic and look back at what we have achieved. Four years ago, Paul Gheysens the club with a debt of tens of millions of euros. In our second season in 1A, we are already in the Play-off I, with a new grandstand and a good team. It goes so very quickly.”

Antwerp opens on 29 march at Sclessin, four days later receives the Genk. “The calendar is actually a side issue, you still have two times against the other teams to play”, he continued Jaecques. “Against Standard, there is immediately a duel between two teams with very active and very hot supporters.”

The last weeks left Antwerp it fails, it won only once in six matches. “We were like third qualified in Play-off I and scored 49 points, actually that is a fool. Ultimately we want to win every match, even the next ten. Or Antwerp actually to the G6? Antwerp has everything – budget, supporters, look,…- the potential to be that sixth team, and maybe even number five or four. But we’re not yet. We have no time Play-off I played. We may be ambitious, but have the feet on the ground,” decided Jaecques.