‘Obvious similarities’ between data in the black boxes of crashed Boeing Ethiopian Air and Lion Air


‘Duidelijke gelijkenissen’ tussen data in zwarte dozen gecrashte Boeings Ethiopian Air en Lion Air

Relatives mourn during a worship service in honor of the victims, Sunday in Addis Ababa

The data of the black boxes from the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX of Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air exhibit ‘obvious similarities’. The Ethiopian minister of transport, Dagmawit Moges Sunday at a press conference said.

‘During the investigation of the parameters of the Flight Data Recorder (FDR), there are clear similarities noted between flight 302 of Ethiopian Airlines flight 610 of Lion Air, ” said the bewindsvrouw. A preliminary report will be made within the thirty days in the publicity.

In the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX near Addis Ababa came Sunday 157 people to the crash of the same aircraft in October in Indonesia 189 people.

The French Bureau for Investigations and Analysis (BEA) has said that the reading of the data from both vluchtrecorders, the FDR and the CVV, the Boeing of Ethiopian Airlines ‘success’ is completed. The data are at the disposal of the Ethiopian government.

On the ground

Addis Ababa has, do not have the resources to research and it has the black boxes Thursday by the BEA in France sent.

Now remains the Boeing 737 MAX in very many countries, including the U.S., to the ground.