Mayor of Wommelgem wants snelwegparking close


Burgemeester Wommelgem wil snelwegparking dicht

The mayor of Wommelgem, Frank Gys.

The mayor of Wommelgem wants the snelwegparking on the E313 closed due to nuisance caused by sans papiers. Also his colleague in the Mole complains. Interior Minister Pieter De Crem (CD&V) wants to listen to the concerns.

The mayor of Wommelgem, Frank Gys (N-VA) wants the snelwegparking on the E313 exit if the federal government has no new measures against the influx of people without papers. Also in Mole, they’re complaining about more and more transmigranten, there on the car park at the border with the Netherlands in Postel.

“We had hoped that this problem – as promised – would be addressed, but we see no willingness to change,” they say in Gazet van Antwerpen. “The federal government should intervene.’

Mayor of Wim Caeyers (CD&V) points out, however, in a separate response to The Standard. ‘The cry for help coming from Wommelgem. The situation is not comparable. Our snelwegparking in Postel is located far from the residential area of Mol. There is no habitation, and there pass no pedestrians. I don’t get so many complaints from residents. A closure of the car park is not on the order. But we have the impression that there is not fewer migrants to the car park, then a few months ago, on the contrary. There are still regularly arrested, on the car park or in the woods. It is good that there are coordinated actions, with the federal police. We also think of additional video surveillance.’

Not a miracle solution

Competent minister De Crem to confirm that the issue with transmigranten in 2018 is increased and that line in 2019 are extended. There may be the threat of Brexit for something, it sounds on his cabinet. Many migrants want to for the British exit from the EU in the United Kingdom get.

The problem is in any case a priority for The Crem, it sounds. “We are absolutely working on it, but a a miracle solution does not exist. This requires an integrated approach, with actions at the local, provincial, Flemish and federal level.’ The Crem is now the mayor of Wommelgem and Mol contact to listen to their concerns. Caeyers and Gys have not yet with the minister we.

Further plant, the minister still visits to different snelwegparkings and is regularly discussed with the federal politietop, the security forces and the local and provincial administrations. The cabinet-The Crem also points out that there is already a whole series of measures is taken. These include the strengthening of the support of the federal police and a Belgian liaison officer from London should ensure the exchange of information regarding safety and security between the United Kingdom and Belgium.