In the trail of the undertaker


In het spoor van de begrafenisondernemer

‘Come, go’: witty, not naargeestig

Curious how a funeral director are business days fill? A new reportagereeks not only has attention for the sadness, but also provides a witty television. In the current affairs programmes on the Canvas is mainly focused on the events in the Netherlands.


Canvas, 20.00-22.30 hours

The matter opens tonight with a report about the deadly shooting in the Netherlands, after a debate on the Eternit on the program with, among others, Health minister Maggie De Block (Open VLD) as a studio guest.


Canvas, 20.30-21.20 pm

Even more attention for the Netherlands at Bart Schols Dutch journalist and NRC handelsblad’s correspondent in Brussels, Sander van Hoorn and Tarik Fraihi, political director Green and formerly radicalism expert at Ocad, may be received. Jinnih Beels let her light shine across the grenades in Antwerp, and spokesman of the Brussels police Christian De Coninck will talk about his book, in which he tells how he was impacted by posttraumatic stress disorder after the attacks of 22 march.


One, 21.25-22.10 pm

New reportagereeks of Woestijnvis, in which six undertakers to be followed. Sounds sad – and naargeestig, but at times, this is, oddly enough, very witty television.


Arte, 20.55-22.40 pm

Sandrine Bonnaire is unforgettable in this beautiful but intrieste story about the last weeks in the life of a homeless woman. The film of Agnès Varda won in 1985, the Golden Lion at the Venice Festival, Bonnaire received a César for her performance.


Q2, 23.45-0.50 hour

Last year, jubilee welcome American dramareeks (of pay-tv channels Showtime) about the complex life in the black neighborhood of South Side in Chicago. Not cynical, at times be rock hard, but made with much love for the characters. The second season begins next month start in the US.