Full tank of diesel almost a dollar cheaper


Volle tank diesel bijna euro goedkoper

Diesel from Tuesday, a little cheaper. Motorists will then have up to 1,5280 euro per liter have to pay, or 1.3 cents less than today.

This is evident from a communiqué of the FPS Economy. For a full tank sixty liters will pay from Tuesday up to 91,68 euros, or 78 cents less than is currently the case.

Also fuel oil Tuesday, a fraction cheaper and cost than in an order of at least 2,000 litres of 0,6792 euro per liter. That is a decrease from 0.43 cent per litre.

The prices are as always, the result of the fluctuations in the price of oil and/or the price of the biocomponenten on the international markets, what it sounds like.