Flemish National Zangfeest in sign of call to ” miljardentransfers to Wallonia’ to stop


Vlaams Nationaal Zangfeest in teken van oproep om ‘miljardentransfers naar Wallonië’ te stoppen

A few thousand Vlaamsgezinden have Sunday participated in the 82nd edition of the Flemish National Zangfeest in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp. Erik Stoffelen, chairman of the General Dutch Zangverbond (ANZ), called for in the upcoming elections on parties and politicians to vote for a Flemish message.

Stoffelen, stated in his speech that there are too many social needs in Flanders, under the guise of solidarity, every year 12 billion euro to keep the transfers to Wallonia. ‘These transfers put a huge mortgage on our social security. To many Flemish people are on waiting lists for social housing and too few disabled people may rely on interventions where they have an urgent entitlement to it.”

A Flemish social security is, according to him, no longer desirable, but necessary. Not in 2024, but in 2019. “Do you think this also and want to do something about it? Then shred today your membership card of your unitary health insurance and split yourself from the social security! Just do it!’, said the chairman of the ANZ.

He raised in his speech to the Catalan issue and demanded the release of the Catalans who are for the onafhankelijkheidsreferendum in a Spanish cell sit. “One can politically disagree, but there is no dissenters, no political opponents in prison. Nowhere not, and certainly not in Europe where the ancient Greeks, the ‘democracia’ have invented. Let them be free. The European Union will be democratic or it will not. They can’t be everywhere in the world democracy, defend, and implement them in our European backyard manu military off.’

Vlaamsgezinde politicians

It was the last speech of Stoffelen on the Flemish National Zangfeest. In april he hand over his responsibilities from ANZ through to Bart Fierens. The Zangfeest was also this year a lot of Vlaamsgezinde politicians attended, such as Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA), who for the occasion, a Flemish-Catalan pin was pinned.

Also Tom Of the Greeks, and Bart Claes, Flemish Interest and Fons Duchateau, Ben Weyts, Jan Peumans, and Siegfried Bracke of the N-VA were present.

Vlaams Nationaal Zangfeest in teken van oproep om ‘miljardentransfers naar Wallonië’ te stoppen

Photo: BELGA