Eight tips to make the work of the home helper service


Acht tips om het werk van de huishoudhulp aangenamer te maken

Campaign image ‘iktoonrespect’.

Brooms with short stems, old rags and other hilton material. Half of the irregular domestic workers in our country, says unhappy with her working conditions.

From a survey of 3,000 irregular domestic workers shows that half are not respectfully treated feel. To the misgenoegen at the poetshulpen to address, it launches the Werkbaarheidsfonds service voucher a national campaign. The website iktoonrespect.be indicates how the customer can help, even if only by practical matters such as quality poetsmateriaal.

This short checklist can certainly help.

1) Frequent use of material with a short stem leads to back pain. So choose rather for a telescopic stem for a brush, he, mop, … This should be up to the shoulders of the domestic help out.

2) Provide a stool or stable stepladder with a maximum of three steps in the house. For example, your domestic help working safely at height.

3) dusting of furniture and other surfaces to facilitate, the use of telescopic stems designated. Provide also enough microfiber cloths in the house. That are more practical than old mops, and dusters that are heavily if they are in the water. Also a light and compact vacuum cleaner makes the work more pleasant.

4) Provide both a large and small bucket to clean the floor with water.

5) The cleaning of windows and mirrors, best with special microfiber cloths for windows. Also a small trekkertje is always useful.

6) Provide for the cleaning of the plumbing for both a TOILET brush as douchetrekker.

7) Ironing is more enjoyable with an adjustable shelf. Provide a sufficiently powerful steam iron, waterverstuiver and verlengdraad.

8) Go into dialogue with your domestic help. He or she may have other specific materiaalvereisten for the cleaning of certain surfaces.