Chelsea complains racism: players in Kiev are treated to abhorrent behavior


Chelsea klaagt racisme aan: spelers in Kiev getrakteerd op weerzinwekkend gedrag

Kante was with Chelsea getting started in Kiev. Was he endorsed?

A player of Chelsea last week during the Europe Leaguewedstrijd in the Ukrainian Kiev racially treated by supporters of the home team. “We condemn such repulsive behavior strongly”, to let the Blues know on their website.

To which player it is or what the facts are, ” says Chelsea.

According to the people of london, they have the incident reported to the referee and met with the chairman and club secretary after the match, the UEFA matchafgevaardigde. “We expect that UEFA an in-depth research, and we provide our full co-operation”, says the.

Chelsea won Thursday night, without Eden Hazard, on a drafje with 0-5 Dinamo Kiev and qualified for the quarter-finals of the Europa League. Therein wait Slavia Prague. (belga)