Brussels, the socialists want a single city and a single public network,


Brusselse socialisten willen één stad en één publiek onderwijsnet

Leader for the Brussels-capital region Pascal Smet

The Dutch-speaking socialists in Brussels, in may to participate in the elections under the name, on the amalgamation of the nineteen Brussels municipalities, the police services and the OCMW’s. also wants one Brussels urban public education network, that bilingual education may furnish, and a one-stop shop where parents can enjoy childcare or an employed childminder. That office can refer you to the Dutch, to the French, but also to the bilingual offer.

That turned out Sunday at the kick-off conference of urban project ‘ – SP.A ” in Tour & Taxis, where the Brussels and Flemish lijsttrekkers Pascal Smet and Hannelore Goeman the program and the lists suggested.

‘ is more than just the need to go to one city. It’s about a city that is for its inhabitants, which is there for everyone. With efficient management and more services in the districts”, said Pascal Smet. ‘It’s also about one mobiliteitspolitiek, that the more we give to cyclists, pedestrians and clean air, and a single vision on urban development in the place of 19 dorpsvisies, ” says Smet. “We can use this to 940 million euro, save, money that today’s politicians and institutions creeps.’


In his speech went to the Brussels minister of Mobility also in on the achievements of the past few years: double the number of cyclists, a record number of passengers STIB-mivb (417 million), a recordinvestering in the public transport (5.2 billion euros), the purchase of 289 electric and hybrid buses, additional car-free squares, the low emission zone (LEZ), the construction of stadsboulevards, and so on. ‘Some talk, we do,’ said Smet, who hammered on the fact that the work is not finished and especially not allowed to stop.

The list for the Brussels Region is drawn by Pascal Smet, followed by Els Rochette (independent), director at Globe Aroma. Three is vice-president of the Brussels Parliament Fouad Ahidar, followed by Hilde Sabbe (independent), journalist, activist and, until recently, member of of Dyab Abou Jahjah. Molenbeeks councillor Saliha Raiss completes the top five.