British parliament speaker closes the third vote on the same Brexit-deal from


Britse parlementsvoorzitter sluit derde stemming over zelfde Brexit-deal uit

Parliament Speaker John Bercow

The British parliament speaker John Bercow has Monday afternoon decided that prime minister Theresa May is not for the third time, the same echtscheidingsakkoord with the EU may submit to the house of Commons.

Bercow was referring to parliamentary rules dating back to 1604, and imply that the members of parliament not may be required to enter two or more times on the same text to vote. Last week rejected the house of Commons echtscheidingsakkoord with the European Union, with 391 at 242 votes.

“If the government has a new proposal wants to present, that is not the same or subsantieel is the same as the previous, then there is no problem. But the government may not be the same or substantially the same proposal present last week, with a difference of 149 votes is rejected”, said Bercow.

Premier May had announced last week that they echtscheidingsakkoord this week again to vote in the parliament. If it still approved, would hit, would May its European counterparts to a short postponement of the brexit no later than the end of June questions. They would have a longer delay requests if the agreement was again voted down in the house of Commons.

The British departure from the European Union is, as yet, feature on april 29. On 21 and 22 march, the European heads of state and government met in Brussels to deal with the situation to consider.