#02: That Brexit-mess, how we came to be there now again?


#02: Die Brexit-puinhoop, hoe kwamen we daar nu ook weer in terecht?

Chaos. Bewilderment. Panic. The British came last week, words and feelings deficit for the umpteenth week full of unexpected twists and turns in the Brexit-soap. But does anyone know actually how we ended up?

On June 23, 2016 happens what almost no one had seen coming. The British people speak in a referendum for the Brexit. It is the mind-boggling outcome of a game of political poker. The government has no plans at the ready. And also the experts are surprised. How is it so far?

Dominique Minten is buitenlandredacteur in The Standard. He is that days in London to report for the newspaper. But also in the years before he traveled frequently through the United Kingdom.

In this podcast, he sketches a picture of a country that for years on a crisis approaching. A story about a deep, deep gap between poor and rich, between hipsters in London and working poor in the north of England, between Westminster and the outlying area. A picture of the Brexit as a cry for help.


Editors Kaat Schaubroeck, Wouter Van Driessche, Dominique Minten | Voice Mona Jünger | audio production Brecht Plasschaert and Pieter Schrevens | Extra mounting Mona Jünger and Lara Braeken | Music Brecht Plasschaert | Editing Wouter Van Driessche

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