Wim Delvoye moved sculpture park to Iran: ‘I have no problem with sharia law, which is very clear legislation’


Wim Delvoye verhuist beeldenpark naar Iran: 'Ik heb geen probleem met de sharia, dat is heel duidelijke wetgeving'

Artist Wim Delvoye has had it with Belgium. “I’ve been living a few years in Brighton. If I by the Brexit for the choice of word made, I would prefer Brit, ” he says in The Morning. His ‘retrospective’ at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, he called it his ‘farewell’.

Just as his work is the figure Wim Delvoye polarizing. In the interview, he pulls again to the Agency for Nature and Forest, and the collected Belgian state apparatus. A few weeks ago, the artist and his NV fined, respectively, of 55,000, and 49.500 euro, for a series of construction and environmental violations in and around his castle in Melle. “Pure mafia,” he said.

One of those violations was the pouring of a concrete slab. Delvoye explains that the intention was to create a work of art: ‘A beautiful piece of artwork, to calm everybody down.’

“In Shanghai they have to pay me a mountain of money for my artwork to be allowed to convert (…). Here I must pay a fine because I was in my own garden in Melle the same view. But seriously, that understands nobody.’

Anywhere seems better than Belgium, according to Delvoye. “I think Russia is a fantastic country. The leader of Russia is someone with a vision, he has his country’s huge vooruitgeholpen. President Putin is hugely supported by its population, at the last election he received more than 75 percent.’

In China, it was to say ‘very fun’, to the Olympic Games, and also in Iran can Delvoye ground. He will be moving shortly to his sculpture park to Kashan in Iran. “There are a number of things that there should not. But that are very clear. First: I am not a woman, that is already an advantage. I also drink no alcohol, so that is easy. I have no problem with sharia law. That is very clear legislation that has respect for property and for trade. That respect is missing here completely.’