Victims get a face: “My brave soldier was only 14”


Slachtoffers krijgen gezicht: ‘Mijn dappere soldaat was pas 14 geworden’

Flowers, white balloons, and a last tribute of bystanders for the victims.

“I have my brave little soldier lost. He was only 14 years old.’ In tears, tells John Milne how he his son Sayyad Milne lost in the shooting in Christchurch. The boy is only one of the five children who perished in the massacre.

“I remember him as my baby I almost lost at birth. His whole life is a struggle. He is unfairly treated, but he has transcended. He is brave. A brave little soldier. It is so hard to see him, shot by a person who, for nothing or nobody.”

John Milne let his tears run free when he talks about his son Sayyad. His death is still not officially confirmed, but for John, there is no doubt. “He is seen. Lying on the floor of the mosque. Bleeding, ” he says to the NZ Herald. “The tears help myself not to lose.’

Sayyad was in the third year of secondary school of the Cashmere High School in Christchurch. Every Friday he went with his mother, Noraini and friends to see the Al Noor mosque. Noraini knew the mosque to flee, but for Sayyad turned it different. The half-sister of Sayyad describes him as a sporty teenager who dreamed of an international football career as a goalkeeper. An ordinary, typical Kiwi-kid.


Young victims

Sayyad is just one of the young victims. Also the three-year Mucad Ibrahim has the attack not survived. He had been to Friday prayers pulled with his father and brother. When the offender entered the court, took his father to him in his arms and did that as if they were dead to the bullets to escape. Yet he survived not: the boy died in the arms of his father. “He was a beacon of light,” says his brother, Abdi. “We are going to him miss it hugely.’ Also, the four-year-old boy, Abdullahi Dirie would have died.

Also the stories of other victims poured in. About the 71-year-old Haji-Daoud Nabi, for example, which, according to his son, conjectured as a human shield to protect others. “He was a humble man that many people has helped,” says Omar Nabi. Daoud fled Afghanistan in the eighties and helped since then, refugees in New Zealand.

Horrors of Syria have fled

Distressing is also the story of Khaled Mustafa, a Syrian refugee who had hoped to be in New Zealand for a new life, after the horror in his homeland. He and his family arrived just a few months ago in New Zealand. Mustafa got struck. His one son Hamza (16) is missing, the other Zaid (13) is still in the hospital after an operation of six hours. The boys go to the same school as Sayyad.

According to the spokesman of a Syrian organization in New Zealand are the wife and daughter of Mustafa in total shock. “The family has atrocities in Syria survived and came here looking for a safe haven,” says Ali Akil of the local newspaper Stuff. “Only to be in such a terrible way to live.”

The family of Mustafa is only one of the three vluchtelingenfamilies affected by the shooting. First minister Jacinda Ardern visited on Saturday a vluchtelingencentrum in Christchurch to give them and by extension the whole muslim community a heart under the belt to sting.

Man in wheelchair trying to save

Another tragic story is that of Husne Ara Parvin. The 42-year-old woman was with her husband Farid Uddin, who is paralyzed and in a wheelchair, to the mosque came. When the offender heard the fire and from the space for women to her husband ran to save him, was himself shot and killed. Her husband was thanks to the other moskeegangers be saved.

Hello Brother

One of the very first victims of the terrorist is now globally lauded for his last words (see video above). While the shooter is his weapon aimed, said the pakistani guy Naeem Rashid friendly: ‘Hello brother’. He was promptly shot. With eight bullets. His son would later be killed.

dS VIDEO – First victim of attack in New Zealand said ‘Hello brother’.

Video: The Standard

Naeem Rashid is on social media labeled as the best proof that muslims are not equal may be made to terrorism. “How many lives should muslims have to prove that their faith, there is no violence?” wrote one Twitterer.

The hashtag #HelloBrother is now trending on that social network, and by grieving people worldwide, used as a slogan for the hate to condemn

No Belgian victims

In the attack on the basis of the information from Foreign Affairs now has no Belgians were killed.