Van Rompuy: ‘N-VA wants not only the country, but also society split’


Van Rompuy: ‘N-VA wil niet alleen het land, maar ook samenleving splitsen’

‘N-VA wants not only the country, but also the society split, while the liberals seek to “everyone for themselves” where the strongest survives.’ CD&V leader Peter Van Rompuy is not nice for the other Flemish parties during a provincial congress in Leuven.

Also, Koen Geens, who in Flemish Brabant, the list draws for the Room, lashed out at N-VA, and more to the verdict of Bart De Wever that the EU lijsttrekkerschap of Kris Peeters, intended as a ” sad political end’. “We always have our most experienced people sent to Europe, because if the EU our future is not, then there is no future,” says Geens. He referred to figures as Tindemans, Martens, Dehaene and Herman Van Rompuy, who are all after their national career an important role to play in Europe. Minister Geens was also full of praise for the present EU commissioner, Marianne Thyssen, ‘that all the European social trophies binnenhaalde’.

European leader Kris Peeters also took himself short the word in Leuven. He stressed that the EU is absolutely necessary to have a number of major problems we face to solve, such as climate change and migration. ‘That the number of migrants to the EU came in, dropped from about 1 million in 2015 to 120,000 last year, thanks to the measures taken at European level were, ” says Peeters.

He called also for a strengthening of the internal market, raising awareness of young people about the economic added value of the EU and increased investment in research. ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful that in the EU, the first continent is that cancer permanently can solve?’, sounded it.

Also in the other provinciehoofdsteden keep the democrats today, great meetings.