Three Belgians arrested after riots on the Champs-Elysées


Drie Belgen opgepakt na rellen op Champs-Elysées

This branch of Longchamp went Saturday up in flames

After the violent demonstration of ‘yellow vests’ that Paris Saturday opschrikte, in a total of three Belgians arrested in the French capital. This confirms the minister of Foreign Affairs. It is not yet clear why the trio was arrested.

According to the French media were the three Belgians were arrested for looting, but that’s what people want in Foreign Affairs, not yet confirm.

“Our embassy has contacted the relevant police stations in order to gain more insight into the situation, but which were, of course, overwhelmed. That we can not yet confirm.’

In total, yesterday more than 230 demonstrators arrested after the ‘yellow shirts’ a trail of destruction in Paris went.


The French president Macron returned early back from skireis, and condemned the violence sharp. According to him, is everyone on the demonstration was ‘complicit’ in the violence.