PS bundles red forces with health and FGTB


PS bundelt rode krachten met mutualiteit en FGTB

PS-president Elio Di Rupo.

PS, FGTB and the Socialist mutual insurance Company Solidaris. The three large red forces of Wallonia beat this morning, the hands in each other on the startcongres of the PS in Brussels. “This is a collective fight, this is the only way a victory is possible,” said Solidaris-chairman Jean-Pascal Labille.

As if there’s never a hair in the butter sat. So greeted Former PS minister Jean-Pascal Labille, the conference participants of the PS. At the end of 2017 showed the president of the Socialist mutual insurance Company …

As if there’s never a hair in the butter sat. So greeted Former PS minister Jean-Pascal Labille, the conference participants of the PS. At the end of 2017 showed the president of the Socialist Health insurance fund is yet another good go in a series of interviews. The PS had with samu social, and Publifin are horrorjaar behind the back. Just when the party is out of the pit, began to work with the Chantier des Idées, the major ideological refreshment, came Labille to the party to screw up. If the PS have any chance wanted to get back on top, and thirty percent of the voters to be seduced, then chairman Elio Di Rupo, he thought. He said ” with the greatest of respect for what Elio has achieved for the party’, but still, it was but well said.

Never mind that today in Brussels. It went from ‘chers amis’, ‘cher président’ and ‘cher Elio’. Everyone back to being best friends. “The bilan social security this federal government is a catastrophe’, opened Labille. In unison with Di Rupo he pleaded for a refinancing of the Social Security, and the full reimbursement of primary care. The money must be in the first place, be sought at a more intensified battle against tax fraud. “We need to make sure that the utopias of tomorrow. We socialists will join the fight to ensure that our children are better off than we are. That’s a collective battle, only in this way is victory possible.”

Labille said the PS ” ers do not live, but via a recorded video. A foreign liability would be the reason that he was not present at the congress. The irony wants that his swipe at Di Rupo, at the end of 2017, according to some, had just done because he was at the congress for the Chantier des Idées, not was invited as a speaker.

Vests reconcile

With the presence of FTGB-chairman Robert Vertenueil, seems to be the red trinity of the action commune restored. A recurring phenomenon that just before elections. The three socialist pillars mobilize together. However, beware Vertenueil is sure to be too much to one party to stick it, action commune or not. “We have good relations with the PS, that is why I am here also. But that is also the case with the PTB and Ecolo, I’m going to get this message also. So much better if I all of them can convince you of the importance of an eco-shift.’

In his speech, he focused on the difficult search for ways to yellow and green or eco-socialist red – shirts to reconcile. “We can account for the climate change issues is not to the neck of the ordinary citizens arrive. You need people, the opportunities for an eco-shift.’ He also sees in the first place salvation in a ‘fairer tax system’. ‘By tax evasion and tax truuken plays in our country of 25 to 30 billion euro per year lost. This is what we need at the back!’

That environmental also took the other speakers take a big bite from the speech. Di Rupo has dedicated almost a third of his argument through the ‘eco-socialism’. With the PS in the government is there are 20,000 hectares of forest, ” he said. The reduction of CO2 emissions must, by 2050, to zero, the addition of the PS must be raised, all government buildings are isolated and who the less wide get loans at zero percent to interventions. Di Rupo reiterated his call to the managers who are behind all Sign for my future have come to 5 percent of their profits in a climate fund to deposit. “For every euro that comes in, will the PS from the government there is a euro top.’

European guts and levies

The congress was also the European list proposed. That was, in 2014, still being pulled by the former minister Marie Arena, but that is now relegated to second place. A few months ago decided that Paul Magnette, at this time, the mayor of Charleroi, but rather in all possible positions at the PS, the European koppossitie. He then immediately announced that he will not sit and the mayor continues, led the competition to a lot of scornful comments.

He left this morning not to his heart, and his audience even less. Magnette wants fraudemiljarden retrieve it, it is European. “That money is there, we need the fraud only serious approaches, also within Europe, where the fiscal competition is our cost a lot of money. If we are already here but a part of investing, we can put an end to child poverty.’

Europe must be for him to have the guts to show to heavy to impose taxes on products that are not produced according to the highest klimaatstandaarden. “And that proceeds, we will stop directly in the fight against global warming.’

Remarkably, Di Rupo and Magnette cut both heavy in the liberal party and the ‘ultra Europe’, but about community themes scurried them with no word, just as on the N-VA.