New Tesla SUV in 2020


Nieuwe Tesla-SUV in 2020

The Model Y should be in 2020 come on to the market.

Tesla throws herself on the market of the SUV crossovers. The Model Y should be in the autumn of 2020 come on to the market, and will 39.000 dollar (34.400 euro) costs.

If all goes well launches Tesla next year a new electric car: the Model Y. Ceo Elon Musk claimed the new model last night in California. He showed a blue prototype. With the Model of Y raises the company’s focus on the SUV-crossover market. That are vehicles that the middle between an estate and a saloon car. Tesla set his sights on that market move should not come as a surprise, because it is in many regions the fastest-growing segment. With the Model S and 3 Tesla two sedans in the range. The Model X is a big, tall SUV.

The base model of the Model of Y will 39.000 dollar (34.400 euro) costs with a driving range of 370 miles, but that will pass in the spring of 2021 are available. The company will start first with the production of the more equipped models in the fall of 2020 on the market. That will 47.000 dollar (41.500 euros) costs and a range of 482 km.

The production is running smoothly, let’s walk is the big challenge for Tesla. With the introduction of the Model 3, the company experienced major problems at the production lines in order to get. It led to large delays of the deliveries. Musk called it a ‘production hell’. Just a few months, the company seems to have been on that plane in order to have. It is possible that the introduction of the Model Y more smoothly, because the car on the same chassis as the Model 3 is built.

Interested customers can already subscribe to a pre-reservation, with the $ 2,500 deposit required to file. If they are of an order to refrain, then they get that money back. It is the same approach that Tesla, with the launch of previous models used. With the Model X, the deposit 5,000 dollars. Estimated that around 30,000 people a pre-order had done, what Tesla provided 150 million dollars for the first Model X to a customer it was delivered.