Limburgish is an official regional language in the Netherlands


Limburgs wordt officiële regionale taal in Nederland

Minister of Home Affairs Kajsa Ollongren.

The Limburg in the Netherlands is nationally recognized as an official regional language. Previously, all low saxon is an official regional language has become to our neighbors.

Minister of Home Affairs Kajsa Ollongren if the news about the promotion of the Limburg disclose during her verkiezingstournee by Dutch Limburg, in the newspaper De Limburger.

It is intended that in the autumn the subject of an agreement with the province.

This is the age of following in the footsteps of the low saxon is the second official regional language in the Netherlands. Last year, in October, came the Empire and the provinces in which low saxon is spoken (Drenthe, Friesland, Gelderland, Groningen and Overijssel) have already agreed to work for the preservation and promotion of their regional language.

In a note pointing Ollongren on the study of I&O Research to the provinciegevoel in the Netherlands that was released this week. This shows that People are ‘very proud’ of their province. In particular on their traditions and culture, including the dialect.

But, as it turns out, less and less young people are in the age of raised. Ollongren: “If we do nothing, we run the risk that the language will eventually completely disappear. In the coming months, we will be with the municipalities and the province of concrete steps to go to work in the covenant are included.’

Previously lobbied the province for a Limburgian Language. Also, the dialect in the right place in education and in kindergartens.

Critics responded then that this is not a good development, because the costs of the Dutch language proficiency.

But according Ollongren is bilingual education good for the development of children. “I speak from my own experience. My mother comes from Sweden and with my own children, I speak Swedish. They can flawlessly switch from the Swedish to the Dutch.’