Less weekendongevallen last year in Antwerp


Minder weekendongevallen vorig jaar in Antwerpen

In the province of Antwerp during the weekend nights last year 411 accidents happened. That there are 18 less than in 2017. This is evident from the WODCA-results Antwerp governor Cathy Berx proposed.

The police caught during the WODCA-nights a little more (+ 0,3%) directors that are to deep in the glass had looked, but there was a decrease of 1.5 percentage points of the number of snelheidsovertreders. Of the 163.702 controlled drivers committed there 14.570 (8.9 percent) a speeding offence. In 2017, this was still 10.4 percent.

Also the number of fatalities during the WODCA-hours decreased from 15 in 2017 to 8 last year. There were, however, more serious injuries: 73 in 2018, compared to 66 the year before.

Last year, 75.707 pretesten made and when 46.424 directors was a breath test administered. 3.693 drivers (3.1 percent) had more than the allowed 0,5 promille alcohol in their blood. Of the caught directors last year, had 59 per cent more than 0.8 promille in the blood.

Also in the night from Saturday to Sunday is a large-scale provincial WODCA-action is organized, where a 260-many police officers participate. The results of this WODCA action will be on march 18, announced.