Investigation of mysterious death ‘bunga bunga’-model


Onderzoek naar mysterieuze dood ‘bunga bunga’-model

Imane Fadil died on 1 march.

The Italian authorities have an investigation opened into the death of Imane Fadil. The 33-year-old model died on 1 march, a month after they with severe abdominal pain was recorded in the hospital. The model, that a frequent guest was the ‘bunga bunga’parties Silvio Berlusconi and still against him testified, told friends and her lawyer that she was poisoned.

Onderzoek naar mysterieuze dood ‘bunga bunga’-model

Photo: EPA, EFE

In February, it was Imane Fadil admitted to a hospital in Milan with severe abdominal pain. They would be there a month and are told in that period to friends and her lawyer that she had the feeling she was poisoned.

The 33-year-old model was a welcome guest at the ‘bunga bunga’parties of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. In the lawsuit against the former head of state in 2012 – he was accused that he was an underage prostitute paid for sex – she told in the court about the parties, in which dancers dressed as nuns eagerly out of the clothes went. The youngest time was Fadil a book to write about that period.

According to prosecutor Francesco Greco, there are some things that do not knock in the medical file of Fadil. Therefore, we have decided the Italian public prosecutor to open an investigation into her mysterious death. ‘The doctors still have not with certainty been found where they died can be”, says Greco.