From accounting to tourism: ‘Great to be with creativity to ensure the guests’


Van boekhouding naar toerisme: ‘Heerlijk om met creativiteit zorg te dragen voor de gasten’

When Els Meekers on a blue Monday, happen to be decided to the old barn to renovate into a B&B, she had no awareness that the hospitality industry, her passion would be. Very spontaneously they grew out of the profession of a consultant to pursue a career as the hostess of the restaurant and guesthouse La Fille d’Oscar in Donk (Herk-de-Stad). A twist that they have no time to complain.

“I graduated as a commercial engineer from the then Economic Hogeschool Limburg”, says Els Meekers. “I had a lot of interest in languages and economics, which, according to me, the two domains are standard in every training programme should be. They will help you enormously forward to know how the world works. Especially if you like travelling and other cultures discovered, is a basic essential. Me, it has allowed to enjoy more tourism, and thus are the seeds planted that my later occupational choices affected.”

After graduation was a job in tourism, however, is not an option. “I’m actually happen for an accounting firm to go to work,” she says. “Many options were there on that moment not on the labour market. My function was commercial and so I learned a lot companies know. Also later when I was with a number of colleagues, a private accountancy firm am starting (Fiscaplus in Alken, ed), could I, as a consultant to our customers is very much to learn about the success factors of entrepreneurship. They were experiences that came in handy to create my own business to better running.”


It was actually quite a coincidence that Els Meekers afterwards in the hotel, catering and tourism rolled in. “We had here in Donk a farm bought that all had to be grown,” she says. “Because the building is far too large to fully as a private residence, to use, we decided quite impulsively to one of the wings has two luxurious guest rooms. That seemed like fun. Much further we have since then not thought about it. After the private was finished, it still took a long time before the B&B to be operational. To all of a little practice, we started with the serving of breakfast at the weekend. Just right in our living room.”

“We are everywhere in the near flyers in the mail boxes are going to stop, and to our surprise it was already fast as a train. I found it particularly fun to do. The inspiration for new, creative stuff on and around the table, I had gained by itself to travel a lot. I went to have our guests treated like I wanted to be controlled. And that worked wonderfully, to everyone’s satisfaction. I think the one advantage was that I no catering experience, and so free and casual my own approach could launch.”

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