End of drizzly in sight


Einde van miezerig weer in zicht

It is still a few days reading. But as of Tuesday, may the umbrella binnenblijven.

Sunday morning is a regenzone even temporarily, the eastern part of our country before pulling away in the direction of Germany. Then it is hit and miss with opklaringen, stapelbewolking and voorjaarsbuien that can be accompanied with a clap of thunder or what korrelhagel. On the Ardennes heights there may even be some melting snow. It reports the RMI.

The ceilings go from 5 degrees in the Ardennes to 9 or 10 degrees in Flanders. The wind blows moderate to fairly strong and the sea sometimes powerful from a west to south-west with wind gusts of 60 to 70 km per hour.

Sunday evening and in the night from Sunday to Monday is mostly cloudy with some showers, in the Ardennes of snow or melting snow. It is colder than the previous nights: the minima are located between -3 and +1 degree south of the river Sambre and the Meuse, between +1 and +3 degrees in the centre and around +5 degrees to the sea. The wind blows predominantly moderate from the southwest and turns gradually to the west, to the sea to the northwest.

Monday is the changeable, with showers from the North sea, primarily on the northeast landshelft draw. On the Ardennes heights is melting snow as possible. The ceilings are between 4 degrees in the High Fens and 8 to 9 degrees in Flanders.

Tuesday, we get, by the hands of the Azorenhoog that extends over Western Europe, a predominantly dry day with opklaringen and stapelwolken. in the Morning there is a chance of local fog or low clouds. After a cold morning with most places, light frost, and when the temperatures rise during the day to 5 to 10 degrees.

Wednesday slide a weak warm front across the country with a lot of clouds but little or no precipitation. The ceilings are upward and reach 8 to 12 degrees.

Thursday remains under hogedrukinvloed moist air trapped in the lower atmospheric layers and is the predominantly remain cloudy and grey. South of the Ardennes, there are probably wide opklaringen. The maxima lie between 10 and 14 degrees.