Crevits wants more money for pre – primary and primary education


Crevits wil meer geld voor kleuter- en basisonderwijs

Hilde Crevits

“Every party that is part of the next Flemish government will be substantially in the pre – primary and primary education should invest.’ That said minister for education Hilde Crevits (CD&V) in The Seventh Day.

Crevits do the representations on the horizon the impending strike next Wednesday. Then lay the four onderwijsbonden the work down. They strike against the rising pressure, the high rates of morbidity and the outflow of managers and starters. The unions demands of the next government, strong investments and no savings and more on the allocation process.

Painful moment

Crevits called the moment that they of the strike was informed a painful moment. ‘If you ask me, or I understand that there are so many concerns and needs are, I must say yes, ” she said.

“We have more teachers needed, but also more kwaliteitsexpertise. In the pre-primary education, there would be more childcare workers. In primary education, more mentoring, to children with specific zorgnoden to support, so it is not the teacher who should do everything.’

More than a billion less

According to the minister, is an additional investment in pre – primary and primary education is essential in the coming legislative session. “The primary gets more than a billion less in comparison with the secondary. We need that gap smaller.”

According to Crevits, there is also space to invest: “We have a multiyear estimates with the Flemish government. There is an investment potential of around 1 billion euros, so we can have some extra to invest in education.’

Also N-VA wants money. “Investing in education is important’, writes Flemish mp Koen Daniëls on Twitter. “But should those resources be taken care of in the school, and are felt in the classroom. They may not linger in structures or ‘support’ that you don’t see.’