Career move from Russia: “How my job changed my life’


Carrièreswitch vanuit Rusland: ‘Hoe mijn job mijn leven veranderde’

“And then you will find the job of your life’. For some this is rather ‘the job that their life changed’. As the Russian Anastasiia Kudashova, of course is the architect, but today to get started as a design manager in our country. They looked for another station not only of career but also of the country. “I like the rational Belgian mentality.”

Anastasiia Kudashova comes from Moscow and works as a design manager at UNILIN, well-known of the Quick-Step brand. She is only 25 and already has a job with great responsibility in this global market leader in the vloerindustrie.

Anastasiia: “Every day I try to be the most creative and aesthetic designs to make for the laminaatcollectie. In my job, I can be very creative and innovative. I do almost everywhere I go inspiration. Usually I get that from decors or patterns in nature or in my area. So I was recently in Paris and has a beautiful door inspired me for a design.”

Exchange program

Anastasiia studied architecture in Moscow. She worked there as a chief architect, but got the question of UNILIN in order to start there as a designer. In 2017, she arrived in the Belgian headquarters of UNILIN through an international exchange program. Young people from different countries to be trained and prepared in Belgium, to their knowledge, expertise, and experience to apply in the foreign branches. “When I heard that I was selected for the exchange program, I doubted no second. I had to just do it,” says Anastasiia. Everything ran so smoothly in Belgium that the plans changed and Anastasiia got the chance to stay.

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