Attacks Christchurch requirements fiftieth victim


Aanslagen Christchurch eisen vijftigste slachtoffer

In the investigation of the two New Zealand mosques that are the target of a terrorist attack have police officers a fiftieth victim can identify. Reports that police during a press conference.

There have been 50 fatal victims to regret after the attacks in Christchurch, says police commissioner Mike Bush during a press conference. “Since last night we have all the victims away from the two mosques. It is during this action that we have a fiftieth victim have to be able to locate, ” says Bush. There are still 36 people injured, including two in critical condition.

“At the moment, there is only one man indicted for the attacks, clarified Bush further. Earlier it was already said that Brenton Tarrant only would have acted, but the role of the two people shortly after the attacks to a politiecordon were stopped, was still unclear. Until now, examination of the police has shown that they have nothing to do with the case. One of the two, a man, was indicted for a vuurwapenmisdrijf. The other, a woman, is without charge released.

The police commissioner also emphasises how important the work of the police has been in the prevention of further attacks. He also praised the heroism of the two officers who have given their lives risked to have more killing to prevent, and the extreme right-wing terrorist have been able to overpower. Brenton Tarrant, who opened fire at two mosques in Christchurch had five weapons in his possession, including two semi-automatic weapons.

The mosques in New Zealand remain subject to increased police surveillance ” until we are sure that there is no threat’.